Museum Project Preliminary Plan

Museum Project

Preliminary Description

By Tim Perry

For my museum project, I plan on preparing two programs for the Virginia Discovery Museum. The first will be to create an exhibit table for the KidVention event on March 29th where I will do an Earth Science related topic, most likely Severe Weather/Tornadoes. I have met and talked with Vicky Carter, the VDM outreach coordinator and we think this will be a good addition to the program offerings for that day. I have several ideas of exhibits and topics that will fit well into their theme of “Discover our Planet”. It should be a whirlwind of a good time.

For my second part to this project, I will be working with Vicky to lead a three-hour program during the Spring Break mini-camp, April 7th-9th. My topic will be land transportation and we will create a set of lessons for 6-9 year olds that entail the various modes of land transportation and how they benefit people. As a former elementary science teacher, I have an abundance of lessons, activities, and demonstrations from which to draw when compiling this camp experience. We will create and produce it as part of the three day mini-camp program: “How Things work: Transportation.” I will evaluate the program afterward and the museum will most likely keep the plans to implement again later.


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